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If you are stuck for words and you want a content writer or copywriter to make your business look good and sound professional, call us now. Our professional writers can take a load off your mind.

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marketing copywriter, advertising copywriter, blog writer, article writer, SEO copywriter, web content writer, freelance copywriter or creative copywriter.


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About our Director


Our Action Words Founder, Frank Chamberlin, is a member of the Marketing Faculty at Monash University as a Teaching Associate. He has been a part of Monash for many years and has been teaching in the Masters of Marketing since 1999.

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Business Writing Workshops

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If you are concerned the writing in your business is not what it should be, call us now for an in-house business writing workshop.

  • We come to you
  • In-house training
  • Workshops customised to your needs

We can discuss exactly what your team needs, and then tailor a course specifically for you.

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What our clients are saying

We engaged Action Words to prepare the words for our website and we were thrilled with the result. They worked efficiently and the text they produced really hit the spot.

Kari Armitage, General Manager - Quarry Mining NSW

We have used Frank Chamberlin of Action Words for lots of appeal letters and the success rate every time has been very good. We are very happy with the copy he provides.

Kathryn Johnston, Fundraising Manager, Epworth Hospital

“We have engaged Action Words many times for different writing jobs and we have always been happy with the quality and the timeliness of the work produced. We are happy to recommend them”.

Lynda Cunningham Department of Marketing Monash University

We had about 15 of our people go through the Action Words workshop and it was valuable and useful for everyone. It is such a practical workshop...thoroughly enjoyable.

James Rodrigues - Retail Newspaper Sales Manager, The Age

We called on Action Words for the rewriting of our website, and we were very happy with the result. They were very responsive, delivered on time, kept on brief and were great to work with.

Carmen Abi-Saab - Manager, Product and Distribution Marketing, ME Bank

The Team at Action Words assisted us in developing the website copy for our new product, Proximity Sky. They were able to interpret a concept and turn it into copy that conveyed exactly what we wanted without too much jargon or being too simplistic. Since we have had plenty of enquiries from our website, it’s clearly worked!

Sarah Franklyn, Online Strategist, itsimple

What is copywriting?

If you are not sure what copywriting is, don’t be surprised. It tends to be an industry term with copywriters themselves being more or less the only ones who use it.

Quite simply, copywriting is writing to a brief.

Copywriters do not write for themselves. They write what the client wants them to write.

If you want us to write a homepage for you to tell everyone what a great company you have, then that’s what we do. If you want us to stress that your customer service is better than every other player in your sector, then we do that, too.

So why use a professional copywriting company like Action Words? Well, you engage the professionals when you believe that they can do a better job than you can do yourself.

It’s much the same as engaging a graphic designer. You do that, because you believe the trained designer will do the job better than you.

Over the years since 1998, the writers at Action Words have successfully produced the text for:

  • Annual reports
  • Direct mail letters
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • In-house and external newsletters, and much more

Once, we even received a brief to write the rules for a new card game. In every case, the client has described the requirements, and we have followed instructions.  

Of course, as an add on, we often make suggestions for improvements. Because we are independent, we are able provide an independent view. And we always work to make the message more powerful, more effective and more compelling.

In the end, it is the client who calls the tune. If there is a particular emphasis or benefit that the client wants to stress, then that’s exactly what the copywriter does.

Hourly rates – yes or no?

Hourly rates for business writers are not a good idea and they can create surprises for clients.

At first glance an hourly rate that seems low, may be attractive. However, low hourly rates may not be what they seem. You may be struck with a nasty surprise.

Normally, hourly rates cannot be recommended. The biggest negative is that hourly rates put client and writer in different (opposing) camps. The client wants the job finished as quickly as possible so the payment is kept down. The writer wants the job to last longer, so that the fee is higher. This is not a recipe for a harmonious relationship. It sets up a ‘them versus us’ relationship from the start.

The Action Words way: a fee for every project (except in very special circumstances).

When we are brought in, we assess the project, we provide a confirmed fee up front. The decision to proceed with the job is then with the client.

If the fee is acceptable, then we get to work. There are no surprises. While the writing job is underway, both parties want the project completed as efficiently as possible.

There are multiple concerns with hourly rates, but the biggest one is client expectations.

A client expects a job to take, say, 30 hours. Where the writer uses only 20 hours, the client is thrilled. The client thinks she has ‘won’! But if writer is working away, slogging it out, for 40 hours or more, the client becomes distraught and the job is considered a disaster before it is even lodged in the mail.

The professional approach is a fee per project.