Whenever I hear the word ‘workshop’ I get nervous. I don’t like those navel-gazing sessions where we all have to come up with a positive change for the workplace. They are so boring and a total waste of time.

That was my immediate thought when I heard I had been booked into a business writing workshop.

How wrong was I? The business writing workshop I attended was the best one-day training I have ever done! My colleagues will say the same thing too.

The Business writing workshop was presented to us as a small group – just 15 in the room so it was very interactive. And the presenter was fantastic. She really knew her stuff and made everyone feel confident to participate.

The Business writing workshop kicked off by discussing the four main ‘pillars’ of good business writing. They were different from what I had thought.

Instead of using big technical words in reports, emails or presentations, the Business Writing workshop taught us to keep our writing simple. Instead of waffling on with unnecessary details, I learned in the Business Writing workshop to keep my sentences short and my words simple.

It’s seems obvious now. But until I attended the Business Writing workshop, I didn’t realise that my emails were not being read because they were too long.

The facilitator of the Business Writing workshop told us that most people these days just scan a document rather than read it word for word. So short sentences and simple words make it easier to get your message across.

She also told us about the importance of re-reading what we have written. It took a Business Writing workshop to get me to slow down and take the time to review my work.

Even with a spell-check in most programs, you can still make some embarrassing mistakes and create confusion. Now I always take the time to read what I have written to make sure it sounds sensible.

We all agree. It was the best workshop we’ve attended. What we learned in the Business Writing workshop was put into action the very next day.

I feel so much more capable and confident about my writing since attending the Business Writing workshop. I really feel it has made my writing more professional. I would definitely recommend the Action Words Business Writing workshop to anyone who wants to improve their writing.