Being Creative


It bothers me when people say they are not creative.

I have been teaching the Direct Marketing creative subject in the Masters of Marketing at Monash for 10 years and I happen to believe that everyone is creative.

Everyone comes up with creative solutions sometimes. It may be about how to avoid a traffic hold up. Or a creative solution for the evening meal. Or what to wear.

Being creative can touch every aspect of our lives.

Questions sometimes help. In Direct Marketing, some of the following questions may help you open up your creativity:

  • What's your audience's mindset going to be when your communication arrives?
  • What's the most likely reason they'll say no to your proposition?
  • What's your best argument to overcome that no?
  • What unique, high-perceived value offer might motivate them?
  • Where's the most effective place to reach them?

Questions are great for creativity. They force you to look for solutions. And when you ask questions, you don't have to have a ready answer. Let the question sit for a while. A solution may emerge slowly.

Finally, my feeling is that creativity is a lot about self-belief. If you believe that you are creative, you will be more creative.