Better writing skills needed: survey

  •  89% of business people say they would be 'more effective' or 'a lot more effective' at work if they could write better.
  • 31% have never done any training to improve their Business Writing.

An online study that we conducted, indicates that there is a serious need for business writing training among marketers and business people generally.

Only 11% say their colleagues write clearly

The simple five-question multiple choice survey, carried out among business people over July and August this year, discovered that only 11% of respondents believe that their business colleagues 'write clearly and with impact'.

It is difficult to estimate what this poor writing is costing business. There is no doubt that business would run more smoothly if people communicated more effectively with the written word.

90% would like to write better

The poor writing skills of business people is a problem that has always been under the radar, at least until recently. But it is no surprise to me that 90% of people said that they would do their job better if they wrote better. That's why smart managers are now seeing the benefit of professional training in Business Writing.