Email marketing advances

Predictions coming out of the US indicate that during 2008 email marketers will make a strong move into highly individualised marketing.

As marketers pursue high relevance and high ROI, email campaigns will evolve beyond basic targeting and even demographic-based dynamic content. Top marketers will begin using behavioural data both from previous email campaigns as well as other sources such as web sites and ecommerce.

A trend in email is likely to be increased integration across marketing products such as web analytics, content management and email.

The increasing linkage and seamless integration between these tools comes about because marketers are more convinced than ever that understanding customer and prospect multi channel behaviour, enhances relevance. And after all, relevance is the key to strong relationships and ROI.

In 2008, B-to-B email marketing is likely to emerge from the shadows. Finally, marketers are beginning to recognise the high ROI potential of a well-executed B-to-B email marketing program.