Reaching Gen Y through mail: is that possible?

A recent study conducted by Sweeney Research on behalf of Australia Post reveals valuable insights into the marketing channel preferences of Gen Y.

Who would have thought that 'snail mail' would be held in high esteem? But this research tells us that Gen Y has a high acceptance - even a preference - for communications through the mail.

  • 87% of those surveyed said they like receiving addressed mail from businesses
  • But only 18% of them regularly receive mail.

The sample of 16-24 year-olds surveyed typically spend 21 hours per week on the internet; six hours watching free-to-air TV and the rest of their time texting or talking on a mobile phone.

But if you don't already have a relationship with them, tread carefully.

  • Less than a quarter of the survey respondents welcome a text message from a business they do not currently deal with.
  • And nearly half of them 'hate' the use of Facebook by businesses where they have no relationship.

And don't even think about cold calling. Your brand will be mud if you call them at home or on the mobile.

Email is viewed as acceptable when they know you. But with the challenges of email filtering and the volume of competing messages, marketers must question the effectiveness of eDM.

Where there is no existing relationship, addressed mail to the letterbox is the most acceptable channel for introduction. Gen Y perceives it to be 'formal, important and personal'.

This research suggests you need to include mail in your marketing mix for the opportunity to engage with this valuable demographic.

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