So you want to be creative?

There is no guarantee with creative work.

If someone says he or she has a fool proof 'key' to being creative, don't believe it. It's an illusion. But there are a few techniques that almost always help.

It's all to do with careful thinking and the power of the subconscious.

Firstly, thinking: you need to think really carefully about your marketing plans and creative briefs. Pay special attention to the strategy, the offer and the channel. Ask yourself these sort of questions:

  • What's your target's mindset going to be when your communication arrives?
  • What's the most likely reason they'll say 'no'?
  • What's your best argument for overcoming that 'no'?
  • What unique, high-perceived value offer might motivate them?
  • Where's the most effective place to reach them?
  • Where's the less obvious, but potentially more effective place?

By coming up with well-considered responses to these important questions, you pave the way for a smart creative execution.

Then there is the powerful subconscious. The most valuable asset in the creative person's toolkit.

When you have wrestled with the above questions, and you are satisfied with what you have uncovered, close the case for the time being. Do something else. Give yourself at least 24 hours on other things.

When you return, it will be like turning a tap on. The ideas will flow.

That's the power of the subconscious.