Getting frank about Frank Body

I’ve spoken before of the impressive footprint Frank Body leaves on the social media landscape. After meeting the SEO and SEM specialist behind the skincare brand, I now understand how that has happened.

Kat Hanzalek shared some of her digital marketing expertise with the dm Forum in Melbourne this week. Everything, from the brand’s tone of voice to its creative online presence is by Kat’s pure and precise design.

Frank Body is entirely e-commerce and predominantly targets 18-25-year-old women. With no retail shopfront, Frank must rank highly – both organically and through paid posts – to cut through a cluttered market.

Kat extols the virtues of strong organic ranking. “You cannot buy your place in Google,” she says. “So your content must be fresh, include links and be social.”

“Just keep putting fresh content out there. Be cool, innovative and unique. That means original content – absolutely no duplicates. Google knows!”

Here is Kat’s hit list for online marketing success:

  • build those links and make sure reputable sources link to you
  • kill it on social with frequent, fresh, synced content that people will talk about
  • make your website idiot proof – easy architecture with short navigation
  • use Google+ – the Americans use it and Google wants you to use it
  • be fast on desktop and mobile – if your website is slow, you’ll pay for it
  • consistently use the same keywords
  • incorporate hashtags for user advocacy.

Kat also warned of some pitfalls. Keyword stuffing will cost your ranking. And broken links and copied copy will also hurt.

Finally, Kat recommends keeping your finger on the pulse with Google Search Console and Google Analytics. If something’s not right, these tools will help you regain control.

Kat’s digital marketing has taken Frank Body from its humble Australian origin to a leading brand in Russia, the US and Saudi Arabia. She even tailors the Frank Body content to meet the quirks of Russian search engine, Yandex.

It was a fast-paced and engaging presentation. Thank you, Kat, for your time with the dm Forum.