Innovative marketing of Frank Body

One person’s trash is another’s treasure. A group of Melbourne entrepreneurs has taken this philosophy to the extreme.

Frank Body has a core ingredient that most people put in the bin. But the bright sparks behind the innocuous brand decided that used coffee grounds have another life in them.

After creating their niche market body scrub, the marketers created a personality for the brand.

The scrub is marketed in the first person. It has a voice and speaks directly to customers. Its name is Frank.

“I started as a simple coffee scrub…I’ve always said I’ll love every inch of your bod. I do a lot of things, which you’ll soon discover.”

I’m not here to flog the stuff. But it’s pretty innovative marketing. Based on a mix of quirky photography and cheeky copywriting, Frank Body is another brand that is owning social media.

And guess what? Just like The Fifth Watches, it’s another success story out of Melbourne.

With seed funding of just $3000, sales of the brown-paper-bagged coffee scrub hit $3 million in the first year.

The following year sales went to $9 million. This year, sales of Frank Body are expected to reach more than $19 million.

The range now includes coconut, peppermint and cacao scrubs and the product list has expanded to lips balms, moisturisers and other skin care.

Without the money for advertising (initially), the founders headed straight for Instagram. They were prolific with their posts and now have 669,000 followers who share the love.

The brand has gathered a cult following of ‘babes’ who provide content via #thefrankeffect and #letsbefrank – the customer engagement is phenomenal.

And that’s the secret to its success in a nutshell: social media unleashes the power of customer advocacy.

The spin-off Insta account Frank Feedback delivers the social proof of what the product can do. Sufferers of eczema, psoriasis, acne and other skin ailments are not afraid to share their before-and-after shots. The ‘Frank Feedback’ voice explains how the results were achieved – all further endorsing the product.

I’m impressed. Frank Body is a case study in successful social media and customer engagement strategy. Bravo.