The five days of Christmas

I was pretty sceptical – and downright critical – when I first investigated The Fifth.

The trendsetters among you will know the company I’m talking about. Uber-stylish, big-faced watches made by Melbourne fashion entrepreneur, Alex McBride.

The brand is way too cool for me to have stumbled upon on my own. I was gently guided to the website for pre-Christmas conditioning by my daughter.

She also helpfully pointed out that if I should like what I see, and deem it an appropriate gift for her, I can only purchase in a five day window from the fifth of the month!

What marketer in his right mind markets a product but limits sales to five days a month?

“That’s madness,” I boomed. In this era of instant gratification, I simply could not understand how this guy’s business model could work.

But work it has. It’s a screaming success, in fact.

For the right to purchase one of these timepieces, one must first register for the waitlist. Boom! Hook, line and sinker I’ve taken the bait and I’m now at the mercy of the brand-savvy-social-media-ubiquitous Fifth marketing machine.

My scepticism has turned to complete and utter awe.

Every digital device I pick up presents yet another beautiful image of The Fifth. Facebook, Instagram and my inbox are full of wrists bearing the gigantic face of The Fifth.

And I admit, right now on 4 December, my anticipation for tomorrow is building. I can’t wait. The website has a full-screen countdown that has my adrenalin pumping.

The latest email I’ve received advises that “time is of the essence” and that “3 styles sold out in less than 24 hours” in the last release. Aaagh!

The message goes on to say that I’ll be emailed a passcode for “exclusive 9 hours of first access” before the sales queue is opened to the public. Phew.

Just checked the website. 12 hours, 24 minutes and 35 seconds to go.

I’m off to set my alarm for midnight. Yes, it’s madness. But it’s bloody impressive marketing.

Got to go. Time is of the essence.