11 proven tips for writing website copy...or anything else online

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  1. Get straight to the point with all your most critical information first.

  2. Keep it simple. If it’s not a word you would see on Facebook, don’t use it.

  3. Put the benefit for the reader up front.

  4. Be specific. Your writing is always more interesting where it is specific.

  5. Do not use paragraphs or any sort of text box with more than three lines.

  6. Avoid being negative.

  7. Use plenty of headings, sub-headings, bullets and bolding as well as captions, charts, tables and any device that breaks the monotony.

  8. Include testimonials if you have them but make sure they are not too long and use a different font to ensure they stand out.

  9. Focus on including active sentences – avoid the passive as much as possible.

  10. Write straightforward English all the way through. Don’t try to be clever with words nor entertain yourself with fancy words, puns or alliteration – keep all that for correspondence with your copywriter friends.

  11. Remember, most of your readers are using a small screen so don’t overload them with words or information they don’t need.