5 best ways to get started

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If you’re someone who doesn’t write everyday, being set a writing task at work can initially feel a bit daunting. The ‘where do I begin?’ can be paralysing for some. 

Here are some really basic tips that will break the inertia and allow your creative juices to start flowing.

  1. Prepare and research – don’t expect to start smoothly if you don’t know what you want to say. Put the hard yards into preparation. Research your topic and the angle you want to take. Then you are ready.

  2. Allow the subconscious enough time to do its thing. Once your preparation is done, put the job aside. Do something else. Ideally leave it for a couple of days. Then you are ready.

  3. It may sound silly, but the best way to start is to simply begin typing. Once your preparation is done, and you have allowed time for the subconscious, then get cracking. If you have to delete a few lines, so be it. Once you are typing very soon the ideas will flood in and you are on your way.

  4. When you get an idea, just let it flow. At this point, don’t worry about precise details such as capital letters, correct spelling or dates. Just let the idea flow onto the screen. You’ll get the details correct later, in the rewriting phase.

  5. If you come to a roadblock, don’t sit there staring at the screen and getting depressed. Get yourself a glass of water and be back at your keyboard within five minutes – and when you return immediately start typing. Roadblock cleared and journey continues!