'Fake' – the word (and 21 options)


Since a certain person started using it, the word ‘fake’ is suddenly being thrown around everywhere.  

Apart from the fact there are so many better words to use, in many cases 'fake' is a lazy and/or inaccurate choice.

It seems the President uses this word mostly to insult or disparage the people who question his statements. You could say, he tries to deflect inquiry with juvenile school-yard taunts.

Believe it or not, he has used the term at least 153 times so far this year – mostly on Twitter but also in speeches and interviews. In virtually every instance, it has been in response to critical news coverage.

Surely he knows the established media players he lashes out at, are not fraudsters? They do not concoct or fabricate stories. He accuses them of misrepresenting him. But every silly thing he tweets or actually does, is there for all to see. The media is not deceiving anyone.

In Australia, if we hear a dodgy claim in the media we rightly call for a fact-check or retraction. Rather than accuse and belittle the person making the claim, we undertake further investigation.

I think the media should steer-clear of the f-word. Leave it for the exclusive use of the 45th President when he’s confronted with facts he doesn’t like.

Twenty-one words to consider instead of using 'fake':

  1. bogus      
  2. falsify   
  3. deceptive     
  4. sham        
  5. manipulate
  6. flawed      
  7. trick      
  8. false             
  9. phoney      
  10. counterfeit
  11. spurious  
  12. invalid   
  13. forgery
  14. made-up
  15. mistaken
  16. hoax      
  17. imitation
  18. misrepresent
  19. fabricated  
  20. deception
  21. fraud.