Four tips for captivating content

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The internet is a ravenous beast. It constantly devours your content. You must feed it to keep it happy. Which means more and more fresh, authentic content. 

It won’t accept scraps. Only juicy, quality content will do. Follow these tips to create content for your business that will satisfy the appetite of the algorithm while delivering quality leads to your door. 

1.     The main game is readers
You need your content to be found. But you also want it to be read. It’s hectic out there, so make it easy for your readers to scan your content. Use dot-points, short paragraphs and lots of white space to allow those eyeballs to freely and rapidly scan down the screen.

2.    Solve problems
You know your reader has a problem – so when you write your content you need to immediately convey your solution. Why is your product or service better? Promote your superior benefits and keep the solution simple. 

3.    Use an active voice
Writing that has energy makes an impression. It speaks directly to the reader and takes on a personality. Ensure the character of your content supports your brand and business identity. This will help the reader make a smooth transition to becoming a customer. Everything needs to feel right when it comes to transaction time. 

4.    Be truthful
Your content is laying the foundation of the relationship you want to establish. It must be honest and respect readers’ intelligence. Claims that cannot be substantiated or service that will not be demonstrated will blow trust out of the water. Protect your brand and only tell the truth.

Content is what sustains the internet. Always check your content reflects your brand values and that your keywords are peppered throughout your website, blog, social networks, videos and landing pages. Add value for your reader at every turn and keep your content fresh.