When it comes to writing, the simple things are often the best.

Take headlines for example. A headline makes the first impression. So you should spend extra time getting it right.

The best headlines appeal to self-interest. What’s in it for me? The trick is to identify the need and tap it irresistibly.  

Focus on who your customer is and the important benefits of your product or service. Create the proposition for why the customer must act.

Here are some proven headline tactics.

1.     Be direct with your offer.

Designer brands – 30% off today only

2.     Arouse curiosity indirectly.

You’ll be amazed by the changes we’ve made

 3.     Deliver news or information.

Now with 25 air bags, it’s the safest model ever

 4.     Solve problems with how to or you can.

How to write better copy in one day
You can quit smoking for good

 5.     Ask a question that has an implicit answer.

Would you risk using anything else for your family?

 6.     Tell your prospect what to do.

Call now for bonus loyalty discount

 7.     Demonstrate proof with an authentic testimonial.  

“I didn’t think anything would cure my acne. But within a week my skin was clearer.”

The headline is definitely a challenge. But by giving it the time it deserves, you will produce a compelling lure to the rest of your body copy.