“Hi, I’m a copywriter.” What’s that?

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No, I’m not a lawyer tracking down people who rip off other people’s work or designs. And I’m not a sign-writer or cartoonist either. 

I’m a writer of ‘copy’ – or to put it another way, I assemble words into persuasive sentences.

While most of us can string a sentence together, copywriters do it all day, with a passion that verges on obsession. I fill my day with language and words, which I’m usually crafting for other people.

I get to write for a wide variety of clients, from every industry you can imagine. I talk to people and learn about their businesses, their goals and their challenges. 

Part of a copywriter’s skill is listening. I must listen very carefully to understand what my client wants my writing to achieve. What is the cause? What action is required? How do I want the reader to feel?

Then I get to work and write the story. 

Copywriting is an exciting and satisfying job. It is creative, constructive and full of meaningful purpose. 

Sometimes it’s as if I transform into a character in a play. I imagine how that character looks and sounds…what he or she would say in the given scenario. 

But it’s not a make-believe world that I live in. I write about cutting edge current affairs, new scientific discoveries, brilliant outcomes in education, and the compassionate initiatives in not-for-profit enterprises. 

Copywriting takes me from giddy celebrations to heartfelt grief – and everything in between. It’s quite a ride at times.

While writing for a living doesn’t appeal to everyone, copywriting is the perfect job for me!