Is that a real word?


We know the English language is changing all the time. Some of the recent changes may surprise you.

‘Bogan’ is no longer just a person of low socio-economic and poorly educated background. Now you can have the cash and still qualify, thanks to the Concise Oxford redefining the word to describe 'uncultured and unsophisticated' people. Well done guys.

You can now ‘photobomb’ someone lining up the perfect wide-angle shot for ‘Insta’, using the ever-reliable ‘selfie stick’.  And the vegetarians who eat fish (pescatarians) now have soul-mates in ‘kangatarians’ (vegetarians who eat kangaroo meat).

Here are some more of the new additions that you can weave into your vernacular, confident in the knowledge they are real words.

  • rurosexual: a fashionable farmer who wants a wife
  • exxy: $$$
  • doona day: a sickie
  • captain’s pick: Tony Abbott’s knighting of Prince Philip
  • sandwich generation: the poor unfortunates responsible for child-rearing and caring for aged parents at the same time
  • coward punch: the low-life act of hitting someone when they least expect it – often with devastating or fatal consequences
  • whatevs: a teenage girl with little concern for her mother’s opinion
  • first world problem: serious to me, but not so serious in the scheme of things
  • hacktivist: politically or socially motivated cyber pest
  • gig economy: the short-term contracting world that will leave workers without any super for their retirement.

There are plenty more. But to get my hands on them I would need to part with a pineapple ($50) and purchase the new dictionary.