It is possible to be a better business writer

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If you think about your team at work for a moment, you’ll probably start thinking about how each team member brings certain skills and talents to his or her role. 

Whether it’s a passion for technology, a creative design flair, interpersonal skills that build strong supplier relationships, the never-say-die approach to sales targets, or organisational skills that instil supreme confidence. They come together to form a well-oiled machine. 

What might surprise you (or maybe not if it applies to you) is how many of your colleagues feel daunted at the thought of writing a serious piece of business communication. 

Such a fear of writing has a dramatic impact on the quality of what is produced. 

People who lack confidence in their business writing compensate by becoming overly formal and stiff. They blind their readers with jargon and long, unwieldy sentences. 

The emails, reports or proposals they produce are hard work to read. The reader may not even be sure what the writer is trying to say. That’s not good when you’re trying to win a new client or get a job done efficiently. 

I see these types of business writers all the time. But I’m pleased to say there is a solution – and it doesn’t take long or cost the earth. 

I’ve been delivering one-day business writing workshops all around Australia since 2006. I’ve seen thousands of people complete their training with better business writing skills and greater confidence. 

It’s not rocket science. And once people discover the four basic pillars to good business writing, their writing at work is transformed forever. 

With the skills and techniques learned in just one day, the quality of writing in the workplace is noticeably better. No-longer the overwhelming task it once was, people approach their business writing with the focus of pure and simple communication. 

Employees are more efficient. Clients are no longer baffled by what they’re reading. Reputations are restored and all business communication is more professional. 

It’s worth the effort. Nothing says, “I don’t care,” more than poor quality business writing. Like to know more about a day of training at your place? Find out more and hear what others think about it here.