Create Compelling Writing With Every Email You Send


1.     Know your purpose – before you write, make sure you are clear on why you are writing this email and what result you want

2.      Make it human – being stiff and formal does not work

3.     Use plain English – readers will not be impressed by your brilliant vocabulary

4.     Make your subject lines succinct and pointed

5.     For long emails use sub-heads – but try to avoid long emails where possible

6.     Focus on the first sentence

7.     Be specific – your writing is always more interesting if it is specific

8.     Allocate time and space – you can’t write a succinct, clear and impactful email when you are in a rush

9.     Make sure it is clear – your readers are probably not readers but scanners which means you must make it easy for them

10.  Keep it simple – scanners don’t take in complex details

11.  Keep it brief – never give your readers anything they do not need

12.  Make your sentences shorter – shorter sentences are easier for your recipients to understand while they are multi-tasking or rushing

13.  Vary the length of your sentences -  your writing is immediately more interesting if the length f your sentences varies

14.  Get to the point asap – forget long introductions

15.  Remember the visual – all writing is visual, it catches the eye before it has a chance to catch the brain.